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Tower on the hill

Auf einem Hügel außerhalb Schaafheims steht ein im Jahre 1492 gebauter Turm, der Wartturm. Wahrzeichen meines Heimatortes, über viele Jahre immer wieder zentraler Punkt von Begebenheiten in meinem Leben. 

There´s that tower out of town, sir
Belongs to my town and always will
Since I was a child I can remember 
that tower on the hill

Some nights I went out there parkin´
In that good old blue VW
Me and my baby on the backseat 
drowning in her eyes so blue

One night my sister told the story
Of Gunther and that deadly rope
I had to tell it my good friend Daniel 
there´s times a man must learn to cope

My dad and me we watched those airplanes
Starting and landing around that hill
Even if I was a young boy I knew this place could kill

But I can recall one fine time
My hands they slipped under her gown
In the doorway of that tower 
echoed her pleassured moans

And now I stand here wond´ring
What do you really mean to me
Are you good or are you evil 
and in the darkness I can see

All those ghosts of yesterday their faces oh so clear
Smiling right into my face then they disappear
Just a cold wind that blows a letter to my feet
I pick up that paper ball, coincidences so to speak
Crumbled piece of paper just a commercial campaign
But the slogan there on top reads faith is not in vain

So I believe that one fine day
That slogan will fulfill
I keep you in my heart as good

my tower on the hill

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