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This cowboy heart

Manches kannst Du nicht lernen, manches hast Du einfach.

This cowboy heart and my gunslinger soul
Makes me attracting bitches like a magnet its opposite pole
This cowboy heart and this real big gun
Makes her rip off her clothes even if she´s a nun

In the middle of the night when the last call´s done
When we´re stumblin´ out the bar `cause the bartender´s gone
Well, she looks at me and smiles „d´ya know what´s in my fridge ?“
So we hurry to her place so fast that I can feel a stitch
There´s a bottle of rosé between two cans of beer
I say „my darling, sweetheart y´know I really like it here“
She opens up the bottle and she gives me a wink
And I become aware that I am not here to drink 

It´s late at night and I am walkin´ down the street
I hear a whistle in the dark and there is a girl in heat
She speaks to me using her bedroom-voice
Dressed in her tightest jeans so she leaves me no choice
And later at her place after the rodeo´s done
Well she was like a bucking bronco glad to have my boots still on 
We´re smokin´ Marlboros and watch the rising sun
And that´s the time I tell her :“by sunset I´ll be gone“

This cowboy heart and that I´m a quick draw
Is the reason why I make every girl want to be my squaw

This cowboy heart and that I´m a dead-eye
Will be a curse until the day I die 

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