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Still sings my bleeding heart

Have I told you how I miss this night
When we were hidin´ in the grapevine like lovers in a Springsteen song
At this spot out behind Jacob´s place
Where the stars were shinin´ bright that night in the darkness on the edge of town
When we did rest in each other and kissed and hugged and dreamt
That fire burnin´ deep inside has burnt us down in the end
And I won´t forget your tremblin´ hands as they took mine
on that romantic walk under hessian stars their beauty I forgot
Sitting on that kinsfolk´s bench wond´rin´why
we let it slip away off our younger hands so many years ago
When it was easier to do and it was make up not break up
Time was standin´ still that night `til we came to break our last hug
And every hug it felt like touchin´ someone you know for so long
Your breath, your smell, your voice, your eyes they were never really gone
And all these words that I whispered in the dark
While we were sayin´ goodbye with a kiss, a promise and a bleeding heart

Can you remember how you felt that night
There was something special in your eyes I´ve seen many years ago
Can you tell me how the magic left
When we both were so fuckin´ sure that we would never let it go
But time is an enemy and our lifes well they took their toll
But there´s always a place for you in my heart, in my head, in my soul
And every hug it felt ...

And still sings my bleeding heart


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