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Promised lands

Mein Heimatort Schaafheim - jedes Mal wenn ich hinkomme sieht er wieder ein bißchen anders aus als in meiner Erinnerung. 

I drive through the town today 

on that polished-up main street
Supermarkets and cheap discounts 

deliver all that noone needs
Through that forrest of my mother´s boss
It always felt like coming home
Now I feel a little insecure 
is that really my hometown

Corner of Main and Home 
someone´s busted bus stop´s glass
The bar we went when we were young 
looks vacant, rotten and´s a sass
A big poster of some bootlicker
Promises work, less talk and more action
He´s the town´s only candidate 
for next month´s mayoral election

Though I´m older it still means the same to me
On these streets I learnt what it feels like to be free
Through these fir trees me and Lazy became friends
That town´s always on my mind while I was chasing promised lands

Traffic´s high in the roundabout 
a new street leads around town
Some kid´s tumblin´ on the crosswalk 
carries liquor and wears a frown
Scary silence there on old town streets
Since they build that brand new road
I pass by what was once the movie house
Where we laughed and tears they flowed

Townhall and that red savings bank 
in my head they look still the same
Christmas market´s coming soon 
booth to booth all down the lane
There´s the house where my mother grew up
With the crapper back there in the yard
Many times she told my sister and me
"Going there in cold nights, kids that was hard"

That big old church upon the hill stands silent as it always does
I don´t go there very often got no good relation with the boss
There´s the watchtower on the fields
Where my hands slipped under her sweet gown
Far there in the distance I can see
What must be my hometown 

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