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One man´s treasure (is another man´s curse)
I had a dream of her last night 
Once again I have to say
I woke up sweaty in a too big bed 
Then laid awake til the break of day

Can someone take away the questions 
Or at least give me an answer

Why so many years have passed and there´s not much that has changed
There inside my head I sometimes feel a little strange
She fell in love again, that´s nothing worse
Although it seems to me that one man´s treasure is another man´s curse

I went for a walk to clear my head 
And I stumbled past her car
Saw it all flash before my eyes once more 
Felt her close and even so far

Can someone take away this longing 
For something that is longtime gone

`Cause so many years have passed ...

I had more breakdowns than I had breakouts
Hid myself away from what is life
So nothing would ever hurt me again
Because love just cuts like a knife

Can someone put out that fire
That´s burning deep down inside

And so many years have passed ...

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