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Jennie Hagström´s little toy

Raced home from the bus stop
I got no time to lose
New shirt and a shower
Fresh shave and
my good old leather shoes
What she might order ? What will it be ? 
Hope it is cheap
Don´t know what those swedish girls 
What those swedish girls do eat
Man I´m looking good today and 
when we dance then I will sway
And later at the parking lot 
I will put my finger in her slot - that´s hot
Got my Volvo running, climb on board
the music´s fat
I like AC/DC but I think you must like Roxette
Baby are you hungry ? Köttbullar´s on the way
Why´s Midsommar ev´ry year and ev´ry year
on saturday ?
Babe you´re looking great tonight, that blue and
yellow fits you right


And later in your cosy bed put sveriges flagga
`bove your head - not bad   

And just like in your anthem 
you got a nice mountainous north
I know it will always remain the way it was
The north is where I´ll live and die
Your splendid flag forever waved
You´re the sun and you´re the sky
And I bet your pasture´s shaved                         

So I´m a man, I´m not a boy
I´m Jennie Hagström´s precious little toy 

You say : I don´t like your haircut
I don´t like your shirt
I don´t like your attitude
you make swedish people hurt
Stop singin´ our anthem, you pronounce it
fuckin´ wrong
Don´t use the word IKEA or soon I´ll be gone
Stop lookin´ at my titties
they don´t remain you Sweden´s north
And cars were tested with an elk 
not with the so-called "Kiruna-horse"
And about that swedish porno: 
I´m wearin´ panties and they´re clean
And I can´t introduce you 
to the Swedish Bikini Team

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