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Here comes the rain again

Close your eyes, my girl
There´s something you don´t know
When the da
rkness eats the light
I sometimes want to go
`Cause the shad
ow I´ve been hidin´ in
has left me yesterday
And on my mind I sing
a song about a lonely man

Here comes the rain again
Here comes the rain again

Save those tears you cry

`cause one day you´ll be fine
And the smile you wore all day 
comes back after a while
And even mem´ries that gather `round
will leave you one fine day
And deep there in your mind  
are burning words that I did say

Here comes the rain again
shes away love and trust
Here comes the rain again
Floods away your angel dust


Just see me here, so beaten and abused
My own words are covering the truth
I hide my face behind a wall of tears
No one knows about my haunting fears
All those thoughts that I try to ignore
Ev´ry day they are becoming more
What was pleasure always turns to pain
Ev´rytime, it´s relentless as the rain 
Just see me here, do you remember me
Once I was young and full of life, another me
Got a little lost somewhere along the way
Sinned and fooled, maybe that´s the price to pay
And all these voices sounding in my head
Keep on telling me until the day I´m dead
Maybe whispering so softly at daylight
But they are screaming loudly in the night

Here comes the rain again
Here comes the rain again

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