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Going to the marquee
When the hottest of days slowly coming to an end
And everyone in the SKV* works as hard as they can
And the trucks roll over Main Street every small kid knows that sound
Bringing beer and candy bumper car and merry-go-round
And ev´ry girl in town pulls out her prettiest dress
We´re starting friday night but saturday is the best

We´re going to the marquee tonight

Where the beer is cold and the world is still right 
We´re gonna have a pretty good time
We´re going to the marquee tonight

Boys standin´ `neath the bumper car tryin´ so hard to look cool
Takin´ girls for a ride sayin´ thanks with a kiss that´s the rule
And the band is playin´ favorite songs and everybody chants
And the boys from the bumper car take their crushes for a dance
Comin´ one o´clock we´re heading straight for the bar
Let´s help C.“P“. Miller** `cause he can´t walk that far

We´re going to the marquee tonight ...

* SKV = Scheffemer Kerbverein
** C. "P." Miller = local hero

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