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Ghosts and demons
When something deep inside slowly comes alive
Their faces shinin´ bright ev´ry time you close your eyes
Their whisper´d sweet sweet lies are promises they broke
Long ago they were the ones who let your expectations went up in smoke
Try to shake them off you can´t escape your past 
It´s locked there deep inside somewhere in your mind and it lasts

When ghosts and demons haunt you every night til daylight breaks the spell and
you can breathe and live and hope for peace 
until the night falls and it all will start again 
They stretch their hands and raise their heads try to pull you back into a life 
you´ve left behind you paid a price to never get back

Those voices in your head you sometimes hear them say
That you should forgive them for the pain and the betray
With tongues of angels well they spread the devil´s word
And in your weakest moments you remember pleasure and forget the hurt
You can tell yourself that they are just some ghosts 
But watch out because they are quick and will come too close

When ghosts and demons ...

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