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Get out to get laid

Eine Frau. Ein Van. Klingt nach einem typischen Classic-Rock-Thema.


Her husband left but he promised
To take the kids on the weekends
She bought a van so she can
Have some fun on the weekends
She roams around from town to town
Where nobody knows her
Don´t take them home to her place
In her van they gonna bone `er

Like a hungry wolf she´s lookin´ for her prey
And if you got the time she´s got the place to make your day

She gets out to get laid 
and the van is rockin´ 
She gets out to get laid 
police-man came a-knockin´
She gets out to get laid 
and the sheets are soakin´ wet
She gets out to get laid 
and she takes what she can get

Out on the plains she´s screamin´ names
That´s where no one can hear her
The windows down no one around
`Cept the dude who does her
In the cool night it all feels right
It´s the life she´s breathin´
In the moonlight he´s done her right
But soon it´s time for leavin´

Like a black widow she comes hangin´ from her web
No matter where you run and hide you end up in her bed

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