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Dreaming of Iris
There are days when she crosses my mind
She lives in my past that´s where she´s to find
So sometimes I wonder how she might do these days
Sometimes I see her in a night´s last dream´s haze
She climbs out of the pool just like that summer back then
With a body of Venus and a smile and a tan

I can remember that one new year´s eve
We both walked arm in arm through these cold crowded streets
The party we sat down on my cousin´s bed
Your boyfriend back down he was jealous and mad
I told you my feelings and you answered with a smile
"You know we both get over it after a while"

So all of those days when I feel so blue
When nights get too cold I´m thinking of you
I don´t know if any of those things were true
So dreaming of Iris is all that´s left to do

Last time I met you was 2002
At Rico´s birthday your boyfriend with you
We all had a few drinks and laughed about the old times
A lot of same things we both kept in our minds
As you left the party hand in hand with your man
Rico turned to me and said : "man she still looks like back then"

So all of those days ...

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