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Ein bißchen Rage against the Machine, ein bißchen H-Blockx und für den Text etwas Kid Rock-Größenwahn - und fertig ist der Crossover-Opener.


Done a lot of motherfuckin´ ill bullshit
Hunted down a million skirts and I just won´t quit
Still lookin´ for some answers at the bottom of a glass
Although the booze don´t work and the drugs ran out of gas
Still like cuban cigars and irish whiskey
Born a race car driver that´s why I drive risky
That Michelle Pfeiffer still gives me a hard rod
So you think that I have changed but I have not 

Played a lot of motherfuckin´ strange bullshit
All those pretty boybands with their fuckin´ bad quick hits
And all these slutty pussies which all do sound the same
Selena, Katy, Nicki – I just give a fuck about the name
And all those preachers, teachers, Bono and his howl
I don´t believe that Rock & Roll was made to save your mortal soul
The King is longtime gone and we better should accept
That this whole crazy scene would be better off dead
You like me ´cause I seem to be a nice guy
Til the day I drop my mask and then you ask why
Why I´m such a fucker, such a person oh so mean
Maybe the baddest motherfucker that you´ve ever seen
And then it will be time, time that I confess
That I just played a role, nothing more and nothing less
And there´s nothing that I care about only me myself and I
And that I only love myself until the day I die

Seen a lot of motherfuckin´ sick bullshit
And now I have to say that I really liked the most of it
From stripper druggie whores snortin´ coke while doin´ a rimjob
On a red-head midget doin´ push-ups with his pierced cock
To barnyard babes ridin´ a horse the way you shouldn´t 
And it would fit although you thought it couldn´t 
I met a girl that took "Two girls and a cup" as a boring foreplay
So we were two of a kind and I absolutely made her day

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