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I met her late one stormy evening
I got a low-down dirty feeling
Well you know ignorance is bliss
So I gave her a little kiss
Guess I wouldn´t have felt the s
If I´d knew that evil was her name
She was warm and nice and tender
Even though there´s no surrender
Although trouble came my way
Well I jumped in the game she´d play
But the rules were not the same
When she said that evil was her name

Her face was young and tan and pretty
But her eyes were full of pity
She was afraid of morning´s light
I was expecting blood and bite
Temptation is a thing you cannot stand
When something evil grabs your hand   

The next morning as I woke up
Voices came from down the bus stop
I found a note beneath my sheets
Written with sweat and blood she bleeds
Said : you bastard´s all in vain
Now that evil is your name

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