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Black widow
She came up walking right out of the coldest night
Strange feeling overcomes and it stayed until daylight
She told me her story she told me all about her life
What she has done where she came from and soon the doubts were gone

We were discussing whether love is good or bad
I dropped the leash too soon and so she controlled my head
She had me by a wink and chained my heart a thousand times
It seemed so cruel she was so cool and soon I was the fool

She made a pretty bride on our wedding day
As we walked down the aisle the doubts then came my way
Thought about her story thought about all the men she met in life
No one survived all killed by knife and soon she´ll be my wife

I couldn´t handle it I had to stop this game
I threw the rings away and with my suit I did the same
Fuck this pretty wedding give a shit on bride and groom
Who cares what she feels let´s spin the wheels but she was on my heels

Shot out on lover´s lane where no one was in sight
The rearview mirror broke and then I saw the bride
A .38 special a gun that aimed my head
I hit the pedal jacket was full metal and soon I heard a rattle

Next thing that I remember she laid there on the street
I can´t recall it all but steam there from the heat
She looked me in the eye she looked all down from head to toe
"What have you done ? Where this car came from ?" and soon the bride was gone


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