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Bitter pill
Last night my soul did transcend but I awoke once again
So they put me in a TV show I should report what I´ve seen
They asked if angels really fly or shoot arrows into lovers hearts
If there´s new life when we die and where does heaven start

I said folks don´t come crawling well I just saw or maker
Said I should greet you and we will see us later

And ask me how God looks from toe up to the neck
Do you wanna know how God is so listen she is black

Today I met a preacher his whole world´s broken down
Angry people burnt his church he could escape on his own
He told me he has seen my show and if there´s place for any doubt
I said that I´m so sorry man but she´s black and she is proud

He said goodbye mister nice we talked sorry for my frown
I´m going to raise a new religion with a black godess and the songs of James Brown

And ask me how God looks ...

And still I wonder how God looks if it´s good or bad
That I know the truth about the mystery well I´m still surprised she´s black

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