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As the years go passing by

I´ve been a gambler, but put it all on false hearts
I lost it all but I believed in second chances and new starts
I´ve been a fool for those lonely sad eyes
I should´ve known better but I always bought the tears and the lies

And I thank God for what happened that night

I was wanderin´ in darkness but then there was your light

So many trouble, so many heartache, so many pain
But we both believed that love is not in vain
Our days, sometimes endless sometimes short as a sigh
And my love gets stronger as the years go passing by

I´ve been a beggar for someone to love
Down on the ground and I swore that I had enough
I´ve been a liar, `cause I rose once again
And it was worth all the sweat the tears and the pain

And we both know that hearts can be changed
But I don´t wanna go back there again

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